Sunday, July 24, 2011

Durango Bound

So this past weekend me and Houston went to Durango Colorado with my family. We actually stayed up farther in the mountains on Vallecito Lake. We seriously had so much fun. We didn't head off untill 4:30 and didn't arive till 2:00 in the morning Colorado time we were exhausted. There was a lot of fishing sight seeing and horse back riding. And best of all amazing weather. There was also a ton of deer and geese, so cute! It is so beautiful in Durango. The Trees are crazy tall and ton of them!

Seriously so cute

He is so cute

He's the best

So next up is Cali this weekend with the Standages! I can not WAIT for the beach, and of course Knotts Berry Farm. Woo hoo!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Here we go...

Okay so here we go... I am so super new at this whole blogging thing. I always wanted to try it out and have literally been working on this thing for months. I don't know why but I find it verrrry confusing. Maybe one day I will get a hang of it. So me and Houston have been married for a little over a year now and we love it! We have to cutie little dogs... Ruthy and Gus. We love them oh so much, very entertaining. Right now we are just super busy working. Houston working for Rocky Mountaing Restoration. Water and fire damage, they save the day. He loves it! He's the kind of guy that loves to be doing the hard labor kind of jobs. He is definately not the sit behind the desk kind of job. Obviously nothing wrong with that just not him. And I work at a childrens hair salon called snip it's. I love it. I love working with kids even though it can be super frustrating sometimes. We also get a lot of kids that have autism and down syndrom that come into this salon, I guess were known to be good with them. It is definately a challenge cutting there hair because almost all of them HATE getting there hair cut but when its all done they are just cute as can be! I love it. So thats basically it with us we are super low key our dates mostly pertain to just the two of us or our family. Lame I know but I love that we both just want to be with each other. We really do have a lot of fun just the two of us. We teach the 11 year olds in primary and Houston is also there scout leader... we'll see how that goes I'm sure he will be great. So thats basically us in a nut shell. Basically we love each other. Life is good.